Our pet food and products cater for Dogs, Cats, Small Furry Animals and a variety of Birds. All prices are based on collection from the Mill.


We supply many well-known brands of dog food including – Burns, Salters, James Wellbeloved, Beta, Doctor John, Omega and Skinners all at great competitive prices (Complete Dog Foods start from just £10.90 per 15 kg) There is also a good selection of Dog Treats, Rawhide Chews, Flea Collars & Bones to keep your best friend happy and healthy.


For your feline friend we have Complete Cat Food from £20.20 per 15kg – Dry food, Pouches & Tins are also available as well as Cat litter in either granules or wood based pellets plus Flea Collars.

Rabbit, Guinea Pig & Ferret

We have a selection of dry mixes to cater for all these small furry animals starting with 2kg bags as well as Bedding ‘Pillow wad’ Shavings, Drinking Bottles and Treats.

Cage & Aviary Birds

We have a variety of Feed for Parrots, Canaries, Budgies & Finches, sizes from 2kg


Poultry Layers Pellets are available from £9.50 per 20 kg bag , plus Marriage’s poultry feeds (Bag sizes available from 3kg) As well as accessories including Plastic & Galvanised Drinkers & Feeders, Tonics and Health Treatments.

Pigs, Goats, Sheep & Lambs, Cows & Calves

We have feed suitable for Farm Animals including Marriages Pig Feed, Dry Goat Food, Molassed & Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp, Coarse Mix and Mineral Licks.