We are an approved Coal Merchant supplying quality fuels for Open Fires, Multi-Fuel Stoves and Cookers. We sell either loose, delivered or in pre-packed bags.  All solid fuels apart from House Coal can be collected from the Mill in 20kg sealed bags.

Solid fuel can be defined as any type of solid material that can be used as a fuel to produce energy and heating. The most common types of solid fuel are Coal, Wood and Wood Pellets.

Please call the office for delivered prices. Please always check with us before ordering which Fuel is right for you. All prices stated include VAT where applicable.

House Coal

Including large lumps if required – Natural open fire bituminous fuel. Available for delivery in OPEN SACKS ONLY.

Homefire Ovals – MSF0097

Premium quality long lasting smokeless fuel for open fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves.

Rackhams New Heat – MSF0155

Alternative cheaper premium smokeless fuel for open fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves.

Rackhams Red Hot Ovoids – MSF0157

An economical manufactured Fuel for open fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves producing very low ash residue. Fully DEFRA approved.

Excel – MSF0154

Smokeless Fuel – easy to light for open fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves.

Logs (WS158/0001) and Kindling (WS158/0002)

Quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs available all year round from your local Approved Woodfuel Merchant.

1.5 cubic metre loads tipped loose for delivery ONLY or alternatively smaller nets available for collection or delivery.


Lumpwood and Briquettes available in 5kg bags.

Important Safety Message - always keep chimneys and flue ways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation. Have your chimney swept at least once a year by a registered chimney sweep. Always use a fire guard when children are present or the fire is left unattended. Always ensure that you use your solid fuel appliance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Solid Fuel Guide

Open Fires Multifuel Stoves Gravity Fed Boilers Room Heaters & Cookers Smokeless
Large House Coal
Medium House Coal
Rackhams New Heat
Homefire Ovals
Anthracite Stove Nuts
Anthracite Beans
Anthracite Grains
Rackhams Red Hot Ovoids

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